You think you have termites but hate all the tapping and drilling that comes with the traditional termite inspection process? Worry no more!  At Bio-Tech Environmental we conduct free termite inspection using Termatrac®T3i, the most advanced termite detection device in the world. With patented radar detection, a remote thermal sensor plus a pinpoint accurate moisture sensor, the 3-in-1 device detects, confirms and tracks the presence of termites through an ingenious combination of cutting edge radar technology, backed by thermal and moisture sensors.


The unique termite detection radar does what no other detector has ever been able to do. It sends out radar through most common wall materials that locates and tracks the presence of termites even in hard to reach places without the need for tapping or prodding so termites do not retreat. Termatrac®T3i gives highly accurate findings. So accurate, it can detect even just a single termite! Hence, there is no physical penetration of walls. This allows for precise treatment and eliminates the need for post inspection repairs.

So, if you have found something that you suspect may be termites, the most important thing you can do is NOT disturb them any further. Contact us to arrange a free termite inspection the High-Tech way – that is, the Bio-Tech Environmental way!

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Termite Inspection Goes High Tech at Bio-Tech