Did you know that your dream house could be the dream paradise of termites?

Termites are pale-colored soft-bodied social insects that live in colonies in the soil or trees and feed on wood and wood products. They are very destructive to trees and wooden structures like your home. They are commonly known as white ants, but they are far from it.

Termites have their own purpose in the ecosystem– it is to break down wood and detritus to add nutrients to soil, which they can also do to your home leaving severe damages. Homes constructed primarily of wood are not the only structures threatened by termite activity. Homes made from other materials may also host termite infestations. These insects are capable of traversing through plaster, cracks, crevices, metal sliding, electrical conduits, plumbing pipes, etc. After they have traversed through such things, they then feed on cabinets, floors, ceilings and wooden furniture within the structure.

How do we fight termites?

Last October 2011 and early this year, Bio-Tech Environmental Services Phils., Inc. performed termite treatments in three residential condominium buildings at Eastwood City, Libis, in Quezon City. Bio-Tech Environmental uses Sentricon Colony Elimination System to control termites and has been using this system for residential, commercial and industrial establishments for the past twelve years since it became available here in the Philippines in the year 1999.

How does Sentricon System work?

1. First, your authorized operator will do a thorough inspection of your property for signs of termites, and place sentricon stations in the soil at a precise intervals around your property.

2. The stations will be checked regularly for termite activity.

3. When termites are found in a station, they will be transferred to a Baitube device containing Recruit II termite bait. The Baitube will then be placed in that station.

4. The captured termites will feed on Recuit II termite bait, tunnel out and send other colony nestmates back to feed on the bait. This is called trophallaxis – the exchange of chemical messages, as well as nutrients, between colony members. It allows termites to spread hexaflumuron – the active ingredient in Recruit II – throughout the colony. As nestmates feed on the bait, the colony starts to decline and is eliminated.

5. After a colony has been eliminated, the bait will be replaced with new monitoring devices. Your Authorized Operator will continue to inspect these regularly to discover any new colonies that might invade your property.

Click this link to watch a video about Sentricon Colony Elimination System.

After knowing all these things, you now have the power to save your home from being a meal for the termites. Destroy termite colonies before termites destroy your home!

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