The new year 2012 was kicked off by Bio-Tech Environmental Services Philippines, Inc. with the launching of Pest Control Philippines Blog, a new website that features information about pests and how to manage them.  This pest control blog is designed to reach not only the company’s clientele but also other people in the Philippines that may be searching for reliable information about pests in the urban environment as well as available pest control services.

Bio-Tech Environmental’s thrust is to reduce its negative impact to the environment, which is in line with the company’s environmental policy.

“…Promote ecologically sound practices within and beyond our fence line not just by creating awareness among people whom we interact with but by actually minimizing, if not completely preventing pollution…”

By utilizing blogging instead of printing newsletters or using traditional print media to reach customers and the general public, Bio-Tech Environmental has again shown leadership in promoting ecologically sound practices that would benefit everyone.  Instead of wasting paper and adding to the eyesore of billboards and advertising materials in and around major cities and towns in the Philippines, the new pest control blog makes information readily available to those who seek it through the power of the internet.

We invite you to visit and follow this new pest control blog by subscribing to its RSS feeds or via our Facebook page and Twitter.

Pest Control Philippines Blog launched