A first in the Philippine pest control industryBio-Tech Environmental Services Philippines, Inc. received its ISO 14001 certification from AJA Registrars last November 3, 2011. Mr. Hector D. Binwek, Bio-Tech Environmental’s General Manager, personally accepted the certificate from Mr. Len Bautista, AJA’s representative, at the company’s main office in Pasig City.

ISO 14001, also known as the Environmental Management System (EMS), is a global standard that provides organizations with requirements and guidelines to create and implement management systems concerning environmental impacts.

Amidst the growing concern on environmental protection worldwide, environmental responsibility has now become an integral part of different organizations. These organizations are becoming aware of the negative effects their actions could have on the environment, however small or big it is.

For instance, the pest control industry’s significant use of and dependence on pesticides can pose serious impacts on the environment including soil and water contamination, threat to wildlife, and health hazard to both users and customers. Pest control operators (PCOs) must then provide a system to control or better eliminate possible pollution and threat to well-being of end users.

Unfortunately for the pest control industry in the Philippines, this has yet to be realized and Bio-Tech Environmental is pioneering the endeavor.

As one of the leading pest control companies in the country, Bio-Tech Environmental recognizes its role in environmental stewardship in the industry by establishing systems that would further improve its environmental, social and competitive stance.

Hence, it is the company’s mission to deliver pest management services that protects the welfare and peace of mind of its clientele while doing its share in preserving the planet by following stringent procedures and instructions to reduce negative environmental impacts.

Specifically, Bio-Tech Environmental’s EMS focuses on aspects that greatly affect the environment; among which concerning pesticide preparation and handling, energy and water usage, solid waste management, and strict compliance to environmental laws.

Implementation of the EMS offers an array of benefits including reduce pollution and costs, lower energy and resource use, proper waste disposal, improved delivery and quality of service, company image, and  environmental performance through continual improvement efforts.

With its ISO 14001 certification, Bio-Tech Environmental boasts itself as the only “green” pest control company in the Philippines – a commitment to excellent pest management services and protection of the environment.

Currently, the company is working on its ISO 9001 accreditation, another international standard dedicated to quality. This again assures its clients that only Bio-Tech Environmental, the Defender of the Modern Lifestyle, can exceed ones expectations in urban pest management.

Bio-Tech Environmental Now ISO 14001 Certified