Homeowners and building administrators in tropical (and subtropical) areas such as the Philippines need to be aware of the importance of termites and termite control.  Indeed, termites and termite control got the much deserved attention very recently when everyone found out the reason behind Tiger Woods’ ex-wife Elin Nordegren’s decision to bulldoze her $12 million mansion.

Termite Control Philippines blog

We at Bio-Tech Environmental believes that information on issues about termites and termite control should be made available to everyone, especially in countries like the Philippines where cost of termite control and repair of termite damage can become overwhelming to property owners.  Therefore, a new blog similar to Pest Control Philippines but specializing on termites and termite control in the Philippines is created.  This is again in line with our company’s environmental policy as explained in a previous blog entry 

We would like to share news, updates and information relevant to termite problems in the Philippines in Termite Control Philippines blog and we’re hoping that it would benefit as many Filipinos as possible, so we’re also asking you to follow, share and talk about it with your friends, relatives and followers.  Below are links to make it easy for you to get updates:

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Termite Control Philippines: a blog on termites and termite control